Ideal Classic 171461 Replacement Boiler Fan Assembly IDE171461

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Ideal Classic 171461 Compatible Boiler Fan Assembly IDE171461

Ideal Classic 171461 Replacement Fan Assembly IDE171461

Replacement Fan Assembly WFFB0221-039 (E02-661).

Previous versions of this fan used an impellor to cool the motor, this is not longer required and was removed from the design several years ago.

  • Used in over 82 Ideal Boilers (including British Gas, Scottish Gas and Henrad variants)
  • CE Approved
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • ISO9001
  • This fan is a compatible replacement


This part fits the following boilers:

Ideal British/Scottish Gas RD109 Ideal British/Scottish Gas RD112 Ideal British/Scottish Gas RD115 Ideal British/Scottish Gas RD118
Ideal British/Scottish Gas RD121 Ideal British/Scottish Gas RD124 Ideal Classic SE FF 9 Ideal Classic SE FF 12
Ideal Classic SE FF 15 Ideal Classic SE FF 18 Ideal Classic SE FF 21 Ideal Classic SE FF 24
Ideal Classic FF 330 Ideal Classic FF 340 Ideal Classic FF 350 Ideal Classic FF 360
Ideal Classic FF 370 Ideal Classic FF 380 Ideal Classic FF 3100 Ideal Classic FF LF 340
Ideal Classic FF LF 350 Ideal Classic FF LF 360 Ideal Classic FF 350P LPG Ideal Classic FF 360P LPG
Ideal Classic FF 380P LPG Ideal RD1 330 Ideal RD1 340 Ideal RD1 350
Ideal RD1 360 Ideal RD1 370 Ideal RD1 380 Ideal British Gas RD1 30
Ideal British Gas RD1 40 Ideal British Gas RD1 50 Ideal British Gas RD1 60 Ideal British Gas RD1 70
Ideal British Gas RD1 80 Ideal Henrad WHLXFF 240 Ideal Henrad WHLXFF 250 Ideal Henrad WHLXFF 260
Ideal Henrad WHLXFF 270 Ideal Henrad WHLXFF 280 Ideal Classic NF260 Ideal Classic LX NF230
Ideal Classic LX NF240 Ideal Classic LX NF250 Ideal Classic LX NF260 Ideal Classic LX NF270
Ideal Classic LX NF280 Ideal Henrad WHFF 230 Ideal Henrad WHFF 240 Ideal Henrad WHFF 250
Ideal Henrad WHFF 260 Ideal Henrad WHFF 270 Ideal Henrad WHFF 280 Ideal Henrad WHLXFF 230
Ideal Optia FF30 Ideal Optia FF40 Ideal Optia FF50 Ideal Optia FF60
Ideal Optia FF70 Ideal Optia FF80 Ideal Optia FF100 Ideal Classic FF230
Ideal Classic FF240 Ideal Classic FF250 Ideal Classic FF260 Ideal Classic FF270
Ideal Classic FF280 Ideal Classic FF250P LPG Ideal Classic FF260P LPG Ideal Classic FF275P LPG
Ideal Classic LXFF230 Ideal Classic LXFF240 Ideal Classic LXFF250 Ideal Classic LXFF260
Ideal Classic LXFF270 Ideal Classic LXFF280 Ideal Classic Slimline FF230 Ideal Classic Slimline FF240
Ideal Classic Slimline FF250 Ideal Classic Slimline FF260    
SKU 400-0001
Manufacturers Part Number 171461
Condition New
Barcode 5055653205765

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