A magnetic filter for your boiler might cost a bit more than a conventional filter. But, the slightly higher price you pay for one is often offset by a large amount of savings you will realize in the form of avoided repairs and reduced electricity costs.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how exactly magnetic filters work and how they help you save money in the long run.

What is a magnetic water filter and what does it do?

A magnetic water filter has a very simple but efficient operating mechanism. A baffle built into the filter first slows down the flow of water. Then, powerful magnets use magnetic force to extract debris that will otherwise freely circulate through your home’s plumbing system, leading to sludge build-up over time. The sludge can then reduce your boiler’s efficiency, cause it to malfunction or even make it completely fail.

Benefits of using a magnetic water filter;

Faster heating – Without sludge, your boiler works as flawlessly as it possibly can. The number one reason for a boiler’s reduced efficiency is sludge buildup, a problem that is easily eliminated with a magnetic filter.

Reduced utility bills – A time-efficient boiler is also a cost-efficient boiler. When your heater works less to generate the hot water you need, you immediately begin to realize savings in the form of a lowered electricity bill.

Eco-friendly – A sludge-free boiler will use less energy than a heater with heating elements that have been damaged by sludge. Efficient heating then allows for a reduced carbon footprint, a vital benefit in this age of global warming.

Helps avoid repairs – Perhaps the greatest benefit of using a magnetic filter is the fact that a magnetic filter can help avoid costly repairs, or worse, a complete boiler replacement that can otherwise present itself as a costly problem, every few years. A boiler is a not a small expense and a magnetic water filter can allow you to get several years more out of your boiler than when you use it with just an ordinary filter.

Extended boiler warranty – Some boiler manufacturers offer an extended warranty on their boiler warranty if you use magnetic filters in them. With magnetic filters reducing the amount of repairs and maintenance you will need to keep your boiler in top shape, your chances of getting great longevity out of your boiler are greatly enhanced, and doubly protected with an extended warranty.

Best Magnetic Filters for your Boiler – Boiler M8 Magnetic Filters

Boiler M8’s very popular Defender line gives you an excellent and market-proven range of magnetic filters to choose from.

Main features of Boiler M8 Defender magnetic filters;

EZY – Clean Magnet Stack: A 2-way diverter slows down water that flows into the Boiler M8 Defender. This then allows the proprietary EZY-clean magnet stack to remove both magnetic and non-magnetic debris from the water. A stainless steel particulate filter removes non-magnetic debris while the magnet stack takes over removal of magnetic debris.

Very easy to clean: Boiler M8’s filters are incredibly easy to clean. To carry out a cleaning, quickly turn the easy-grip isolating valves and then invert the body of the filter, to then remove the filter cap. Simply add in a chemical cleaning solution of your choice, replace the cap, invert and screw the isolating valves back on. It literally takes minutes to do.

Watertight guarantee: Boiler-M8’s filters use an innovatively designed twin-seal to ensure complete elimination of leaks. The filter’s base cap is sealed not once but twice, with polymer seals specially designed to withstand impressive pressure ratings.

High-flow rate design – While Boiler-M8’s filters are designed to maximize filtration, they don’t compromise on flow rate or reduce your home’s water pressure. All Boiler-M8 filters are designed to help you achieve flow rates as high as 1,200 liters per hour

If your boiler doesn’t currently have a magnetic filter, you can still add one into it. Browse through Boiler-M8’s range of Defender filters to choose one that will best suit your needs. Have it installed by an engineer and you will be well on your way to enjoying significant electricity savings and also a lot of money that you will otherwise spend on repairs, maintenance or boiler replacement costs.